I had created my first ad-supported iOS app in early 2018, EMT Study Prep (I needed a break from computer life for a bit, boy did I get it!). I made this app while studying to become a WA State EMT. It was my first real iOS app that I had built and marketed all on my own. About 6 months after first uploading the app to the App Store, I noticed it was getting a fair chunk of downloads each day. Awesome! This is great. I added a few ads from Admob, and then started to see a few bucks roll in each day. This was fun, I thought! But how could I get more downloads? 

App Store Search!

I had no brand for my app, no one was searching for it, but they were searching for generic keywords and finding my little free app. I wanted to know where I ranked for these keywords my users were using to find my app! I tested out at least a dozen different apps, and all were either way too much tool for what I was looking for, or way to expensive for my little budget. I didn't want to spend all my app earnings just on one tool! Crazy!

So I started coding up AppRank.io to track my own rankings for my own little growing app portfolio. The initial MVP took a few weeks, and then a few months of that last 10% to get it ready to show off to the world. I hope you get a lot of value from the app, I know I do! I love checking my rankings, especially after I update the app. I wanted to build a simple, reasonably priced app store keyword rankings tool. I hope you enjoy the app and please let me know how I could make it better. Thanks for checking it out!

~ Scott Krager

AppRank.io Founder